• Daegaya Festival
    The Daegaya Festival, which turns 15th this year, will be featured under the theme of "Daegaya's Harmony" in Daegaya-eup for four days April 11-14.
    With Daegaya's brilliant 520-year history recollected as interesting stories, the festival will offer fun about history and culture.
  • Royal Tomb Road Walkathon
    This is the event taking place every autumn since 2011 to pray for the registration of Jisan-dong Daegaya Ancient Tombs as a UNESCO World Heritage and citizens' harmony and health. After the brief opening ceremony, participants are supposed to take a 6-kilometer walk, passing Daegaya History Theme Park and Daegaya Education Center and Mosangol along the Royal Tomb Road before returning to the event venue, while relishing the flavor of the deepening autumn and having a good time of looking around Daegaya's ancient tombs that are emerging as the global cultural icon and the mountain fortress.
  • Flower Festival
    Tens of thousands of cosmos are in full bloom near Hoecheon Stream, Daegaya-eup, Goryeong-gun, every year. Colorful cosmoses, which beat this summer's heat and blossomed, are beautiful enough to let passers-by feel the flavor of autumn. Cosmos is the protagonist of this year's "Flower Festival" that Goryeong-gun prepared.
    Hoecheon Stream, the festival venue, is also called "Modeumnae" as Daegacheon Stream and Anrimcheon Stream originating from Gayasan Mountain converge, and near Hoecheon Stream are the 5.4-kilometer bicycle lane and walk trail created in 2012.
  • Goryeong National Ureuk Gayageum Contest
    The Goryeong National Ureuk Gayageum Contest takes place in Daegaya's old capital Goryeong, the birthplace of virtuoso Ureuk and the cradle of gayageum, to admire Ureuk's feat, develop and spread gayageum, Korea's traditional musical instrument, and publicize Daegaya's traditional culture widely.