Burye Tourist Spot is an eco-friendly leisure space where visitors can perform leisure sports activities all year round, including biketel (bike hotel), auto camping and adventure experience. Feel free to create beautiful memories with your loved ones.
  • 1Biketel
  • 2Caravan
  • 3Team building
  • 4Rock climbing
  • 5Foot volleyball court
  • 6Futsal court
  • 7Leisure sports plaza
  • 8Entrance plaza
  • 9Bike plaza
  • 10Parking lot
  • 11Cafe and Seminar room
  • 12Stream
  • 13Wooden bridge
  • 14Camping
  • 15Restrooms


  • Name : Burye Tourist Spot
  • Location : 672 Ugokgangbyeon-gil, Ugok-myeon, Goryeong-gun
  • Area : 36,995㎡
  • Facilities : One biketel building, 10 caravans (each for 4 people), one forest adventure place, one futsal court, plaza, mooring, etc.


The biketel, located in the heart of Burye Tourist Spot, serves to provide convenience and lodgings for users of mountain leisure sports.
  • Guesthouse for bike riders
  • Guesthouse for keeping bicycles
  • Multi-purpose room for conferences and information-sharing among bike riders
  • Facility size : rooms (20 men, 14 women), multi-purpose room, bicycle shed


Barbecue decks and tents are installed outside of caravans located in the southern area of Burye Tourist Spot, and inside them are bedrooms and furniture including sofas and desks.
  • Facility size : rooms (20 men, 14 women), multi-purpose room, bicycle shed

Other facilities

Forest adventure
Forest adventure and rock climbing facilities, located in the northern area of Burye Tourist Spot, help teenaged users improve physical strength and cultivate their challenge spirit and enable them to have interest and experience leisure sports.
  • Facility size : one rock-climbing set, one adventure set
Cafe and Seminar room
Other auxiliary facilities
Other auxiliary facilities include courts for futsal and basketball, mooring, outdoor restrooms, creek and exploration road.
  • One kitchen sink : located to the right of the campsite, enabling campers to wash up briefly
  • One futsal court : will also be used as a space for diverse events and children's playing
  • One basketball court : located in the backside of the bike hotel and will be used as a facility to promote camaraderie with family and friends
  • One mooring : located downstream in the creek and will be used as the pier for water leisure facilities related to the water leisure experience district in Dalseong-gun
  • Two outdoor restrooms : public toilets for users are situated behind caravans and to the west of Burye Tourist Spot
  • Creek, exploration road : A creek flows through Burye Tourist Spot and the exploration road is created to help view the whole Burye Tourist Spot with various trees planted in between
  • Caravan
  • Rock climbing
  • Futsal court
  • Basketball court
  • Location672 Ugokgangbyeon-gil, Ugok-myeon, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do